A Retrospective of Sculpture by Steve Simmons [Greenwich, CT]


PRESS RELEASE: A Retrospective of Sculpture by Steve Simmons [Greenwich, CT], Sep 23 - Oct  5, 2021

Cavalier Ebanks Galleries is pleased to announce a Retrospective Exhibition of Steve Simmons' work, to be held in our Greenwich, CT gallery September 23rd - Ocrtober 5th, 2021.

Steve Simmons began his journey with sculpture in the 1990’s when he received instruction at the Sculpture Center, then located in Manhattan. He continued building his craft at the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, and at the Teale Sculpture Studio in southern California. Both his Mother Lynn and father Robert were successful painters, and he attributes his artistic bent to them.

Most of Steve’s pieces were originally sculpted in clay and then taken to a foundry. Through the several thousand year old lost wax process where metal is heated to about 2000 degrees, the clay work is turned into a bronze. In recent years Steve has been using the renowned Modern Art Foundry which has produced bronzes for such celebrated artists as Jacques Lipchitz and Louise Bourgeois.

Steve’s beginning works focused on the human form and were done in class with live models. He then set his sights on the animal world. Beginning with visits to the Bronx Zoo exploring the zoo with his five young children, and later safaris in Africa, Steve has been fascinated with the world of animals. His stays in Malibu, California further enhanced his interest in beach and sea wild life. Steve applied this enchantment with animals to his sculpting. Working in a studio on his property, Steve began sculpting small animals which gradually evolved into the creation of larger ones.

The larger sculptures are begun with a styrofoam cutout around which a wire mesh is wrapped. The mesh is covered with strips of burlap dipped in plaster. Once this armature hardens, clay is applied and the artistic sculpting begins. A 10 minute video capturing the steps in Steve’s creation of a large giraffe was posted to YouTube and streamed 11,000 times.

In recent years Steve has begun creating abstract sculptures. Taken with the relationship between curves and straight lines, he has done smaller shapes made in clay and then fabricated in aluminum or resin. And, he has also employed fabricated aluminum to make larger outdoor sculptures.

Further details to be announced soon.