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Jim Rennert News & Events: CAVALIER GALLERY BRINGS NEW YORK ICONS TO PALM BEACH, October 17, 2020 - Altima Palm Beach


October 17, 2020 - Altima Palm Beach

After two successful years in partnership as Adelson Cavalier Galleries, Cavalier Gallery will open at 235c Worth Avenue

New York Icons come to Palm Beach this Season

Snowbirds aren’t the only ones coming to Palm Beach this season!   In a few days, we can stroll down Worth Avenue, pop in to Cavalier Gallery and meet Jim Rennert’s bronze monumental men in suits reflecting their elevating trials and struggles. A selection of Bjorn Skaarup’s Hippo Ballerinas   will also be on exhibit to lift your spirits!

Many of you are familiar with Jim Rennert’s monumental sculptures, a highlight of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens last season  which was a result of a partnership with Cavalier Gallery.  If you didn’t catch that exhibit and the bronze man in the suit pictured, still looks familiar, you may have seen another work by Rennert, Think Big‘ at Union Square or Listen’ at 1350 Avenue of the Americas or maybe at the entrance of last year’s Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Fair. By now you’ve probably realized how excited I am my friend Jim found a permanent Palm Beach home for these silent messengers, but it gets better…

Ron Cavalier has also brought Bjorn Skaarup’s iconic 8.5 foot Hippo Ballerina to the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden.  If you are a New Yorker, you probably ran in to the impressive Degas-inspired tutu-clad hippo prominently visible at Lincoln Center in 2017, then and in front of the Flatiron building in 2019,  and finally outside the Girl Scouts of America Building, at 420 Fifth Avenue 2019-2020.  The exhibition at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden will also include other works from Skaarup’s ‘Carnival of Animals’ series.

Cavalier Galleries

For over 30 years Cavalier Galleries has offered an unparalleled selection of contemporary fine art at premier exhibition spaces in Greenwich, Nantucket, and New York. The galleries present traditional and representational artwork as well as modern and contemporary works from local and international artists. Cavalier Galleries offers a wide variety of painting, sculpture, and photography by emerging young talents and those who have established their place in the art historical canon.

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