NATHAN COE: Photography Exhibition [Nantucket, MA]


PRESS RELEASE: NATHAN COE: Photography Exhibition [Nantucket, MA], Aug 10 - Aug 18, 2015

Cavalier Galleries presents an exhibition of new works by renown Nantucket photographer Nathan Coe from August 10 - 18, 2015 (Opening Reception: Monday, August 10th from 6:00 – 8:00pm). The exhibition will feature a collection of photographs focusing on the “hidden” natural beauty of Nantucket, as well as some cutting-edge double-exposure figurative works of the human form within the landscape. Nathan Coe’s serene and thought-provoking works present a very unique view of Nantucket.  His distinctive vision came about from living on the island for close to a decade.  After mastering the art of both landscape and figurative photography, he combined the two, creating something that is both beautiful and provocative.  Through the use of double exposure and traditional methods of photography, the curves and lines of the human form are combined with the natural terrain and beauty of the landscape, bringing a very fresh and modern aesthetic to the works.
Nathan Coe studied in Cheltenham at the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. After studying Advertising & Photography with a BA HONS, Coe moved to Nantucket and quickly rose to prominence with his work at N Magazine. While his career was taking off there, Coe decided to venture out on his own to pursue fine-art and high-end photography, often shooting weddings and editorial fashion spreads published by Vogue and Town & Country, among others.
Coe shoots digitally, but his double-exposures are handled in the traditional manner with no cloning or digital manipulation.  He particularly enjoys the challenge of positioning the figure to fit within the landscape in a way that looks effortless and meant to be.   His exquisite works are truly one-of-a-kind, as his large-scale photos are editions of one - much like a painting.  Coe’s individual style and single editions make for a sense of exclusivity.  Familiar scenes of Nantucket become something very new and seductively beautiful – as each piece evokes something uniquely special for each viewer.