Ira Barkoff


Ira Barkoff Biography

American, b. 1934

“Looking at a blank canvas can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. Most of the time exciting wins out and I plunge in. That is, I paint the landscape, which for me is what it’s all about. The landscape represents nature and contemplating nature is being in touch with God. You could cast me as a modern-day Luminist-Tonalist-Impressionist. Monet’s Water Lilies have been a big influence, along with the landscape painter Wolf Kahn.”

“The landscape is what I see before me or from my mind’s eye. When I paint a mountain or a tree, I’m not trying to capture the mountain or tree literally (that’s what a photograph does). I’m trying to express my inner spirit in the painting – to transcend the physical to reach the spiritual.”

“My most successful pictures are not those that are the most accurate in terms of nature, but are the ones where the state of my consciousness allowed me to translate my feelings – my deepest inner feelings – to the canvas. When I get into this altered state, it’s just a fantastic feeling. I think most artists paint in order to get into this altered state. I know I do. Hopefully, what comes out is a perceptual poem.”

Ira Barkoff received his B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He also attended the Art Students League, where he studied with Robert Brackman and Robert Beverly Hale, NY.


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