Ruth Orkin


Ruth Orkin Biography

American, 1921-1985

Ruth Orkin was an award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker. At the age of 10, she received her first camera, a 39 cent Univex. She began by photographing her friends and teachers at school. At 17 years old she took a monumental bicycle trip across the United States from Los Angeles to New York City to see the 1939 World’s Fair, and she photographed along the way.
Orkin moved to New York in 1943, where she worked as a nightclub photographer and shot baby pictures by day to buy her first professional camera. She worked for all the major magazines in 1940s, and also went to Tanglewood during the summers to shoot rehearsals.
In 1951, LIFE magazine sent her to Israel with Israeli Philharmonic. Orkin then went to Italy, and it was in Florence where she met Nina Lee Craig, an art student and fellow American, who became the subject of “American Girl in Italy.” The photograph was part of a series originally titled “Don’t Be Afraid to Travel Alone” about what they encountered as women traveling alone in Europe after the war.

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Editor, Co-director and Co-writer
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Academy Award Nomination for Best Motion Picture Story
Silver Lion, Venice Film Festival
Edinburgh Film Festival
Melbourne Film Festival
Montevideo Festival
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Editor, Co-producer, Co-director and Co-writer
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1995, RUTH ORKIN: FRAMES OF LIFE. Written, produced and directed by Mary Engel. Selected as one of the “Outstanding Documentaries of 1996” by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
     Silver Plaque. Documentary, Arts/Humanities, Chicago Film Festival.
     George Sidney Award, Second place, San Luis Obispo Film Festival.
     Aspen Film Festival, London Film Festival, Nantucket Film Festival. Sundance Film Festival and others.