Maarten Platje: The Early History of the U.S. Navy

Historic Single-Ship Victories Captured by Renowned Maritime Artist Maarten Platje

September 3, 2019 - Twin Lights Historical Society

Highlands, NJ  -  A new, multi-gallery exhibit of historic maritime paintings is open to the public at the Twin Lights Museum. “Guns Blazing! The War of 1812 and the New Jersey Shore” features 15 dramatic works in oil by Maarten Platje, whose bold brushwork and attention to detail brings to life a game-changing chapter in American naval history. The exhibit, in Galleries II and III of the museum, also features historic artifacts and a short video on the 32-month conflict between the United States and Great Britain.

“Guns Blazing!” is the product of a partnership between two highly active local groups—Twin Lights Historical Society and Navesink Maritime Heritage Association—as well as Cavalier Galleries in New York City and the Twin Lights National Landmark. The exhibit has drawn wide acclaim at two previous U.S. stops this year, and will be at Twin Lights until November 22nd...



Guns Blazing; The War of 1812 and the Jersey Shore

February 17, 2019 - Rik van Hemmen

In 2014 our friends at Navesink Maritime Heritage Association organized an event that commemorated New Jersey’s 350th anniversary. Martin & Ottaway and a number of maritime organizations quickly jumped in as event sponsors and their sponsorship allowed the replica vessel Onrust to visit the Navesink River where New Jersey was originally settled.

This year Navesink Maritime Heritage Association, together with Twin Lights Historical Society organized another premier event that focuses on the period 1800 to 1825. The anchor of the event is an exhibit of a collection of maritime paintings on the early US Navy by world renowned artist Maarten Platje, at Twin Lights Museum in Highlands, NJ....